Assisting your clients with drug-free workplace compliance and certification just got easier. Simply refer your clients to WPSG and we will discount our subscription by $25.00

We will provide your clients with all the resources to implement and maintain a drug free workplace while taking advantage of the state mandated discount of 5%- 7.5% on their Workers’ Compensation Premiums.

Our subscription fee is only $149, but if you refer your clients to us, we will discount the fee for them to only $124.  This is an excellent sales and client retention tool for you!

Our One Year Subscription includes:

  1. A written substance abuse policy. We will provide your client with a simple “Fill-in-Blank” substance abuse policy. This policy covers all aspects of the drug free workplace law.
  2. A substance abuse testing program. You must conduct pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, and post-rehab testing. We will assist your client with locating a drug testing facility in your area or they may conduct on-site drug testing for pre-employment and random screens.
  3. Employee Assistance Program. Your client must provide and EAP or some means of posting treatment facilities in your area. We will provide your client with an updated list of treatment facilities in their area.
  4. Employee education. Your client must provide two hours of employee drug free workplace education per year.  We will provide your client with our monthly employee training newsletter.  The newsletter provides ten minutes of education per month and provides a total of two hours of employee drug education.
  5. Supervisor training. Your client must provide two hours of supervisor drug free workplace education per year on how to recognize and document drug abuse in the workplace.  We will provide your client with a free supervisor training DVD for the first hour.

Your client will also receive:

  • Step-by-Step Guide to implementing a drug free workplace.
  • Reasonable suspicion determination checklist for supervisors.
  • Free Drugs Don’t Work posters, and door stickers.
  • Free drug free workplace consultation and assistance in completing the application for certification.
  • Access to our drug-free workplace DVD library.

Your client will have the option to add additional newsletters to their subscription:

  • Employee training newsletter in Spanish.
  • Supervisor training newsletter.

Additional Products and Services: Discounted rates on our on-site drug testing products and free on-line training. They can become a certified on-site collector for their company and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in drug testing cost.

Please contact Leanne Mulherin @ 404-858-4770 or email @