If your state is not listed, please feel free to contact us for more information. Many States Do Not Mandate a Discount on Workers’ Compensation Premiums. The Majority of Insurance Carriers will Grant a 5 percent (5%) Discount on Workers’ Compensation Premiums if you implement the following Five Elements:

  1. A written substance abuse policy. We will provide you with a simple “Fill-in-Blank” substance abuse policy. This policy covers all aspects of West Virginia’s Drug Free Workplace Law.
  2. A substance abuse testing program.  You should conduct pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing. We will assist you with locating a drug testing facility in your area.
  3. Employee Assistance Program. Provide and EAP or some means of posting treatment facilities in your area. We will provide you with an updated list of treatment facilities in your area.
  4. Employee education.  Conduct two hours of employee drug free workplace education per year.  We will provide you with our monthly employee training newsletter.  The newsletter provides ten minutes of education per month and provides a total of two hours of employee drug education.
  5. Supervisor training.  Conduct two hours of supervisor drug free workplace education per year on how to recognize and document drug abuse in the workplace.  We will provide you with a free supervisor training DVD.